Monday, June 14, 2010


• Top 3 Ghettos? (in 1, 2, 3... order)

Detroit above all. Philly & Camden gets the Silver medal. Only bulking them together cuz they're close to each other. Baltimore is mess. I have yet to see New Orleans post Katrina though, so that might take ones of those out. Just not Detroit. Best/worst American city in 2010.

• Top 3 Geto Boys? (in 1, 2, 3 order)

Bushwick Bill is a man I can relate to, being short and all. Willie D got that delivery. Scarface is prolly the most proficient rapper though.

• What's the most can's you have ever body-racked? Describe how you must have looked? Also, what was the configuration? (ie 8 in waist, 4 in sleeve, 2 in socks, etc, etc)

Without a jacket, in early 90's baggy clothes; 4 in the front waistband. 2 in the back. 1 in each pocket (4), 1 in each sock (2), 1 in each armpit (2). If I was wearing a big jacket, maybe 5 extra. So 15-20 on my body. Makes it a little hard to walk though.

• List the first of each that you ever purchased/owned? Be honest

First record? Michael Jackson, Thriller
First tape? Fat Boys, The Fat Boys are Back
First CD? EPMD, Strictly Business
First Ringtone? Project Pat, Raised in the Projects

• Worst drug you ever tried? Why?

Mini Thins. Some cheap gas station upper. I think its mostly caffeine. But if you take like 20 it fucks you up. Shit made me mega sick though. Dry heaving and shit. I think coke is kinda wack, too.

• Where were you and what were you doing during the 1992 La Riots?

I got stuck in south central cuz they stopped running the buses cuz they were getting attacked. I was with this black crew I used to chill with called CHB. We just drank a bunch of cheap liquor that we got for free. I didn't loot or nothing cuz I was more concerned with survival and being white I definitely felt hunted. Video and pictures don't give you an idea of how much shit got burnt down. Everything got got.

• What would someone who doesn't know you be surprised to find out about you?

My boner veers to the left.

• At your peak how many Burpees could you do at a time?

200 at a time. 300 a day. Plus 500-800 regular push ups. Its been awhile though. I could maybe do 15 push ups right now.

• Top 5 all-time American Accents colors? (in order)

Raspberry, Summer Squash, Terra Cotta, Colonial Red, Wildflower Blue

• Ever undergone a psyche evaluation?

Numerous ones

• Puddle of Mudd or Nickelback?

Matchbox 20

• Do you have any physical "work-related" wounds from your years of doing hip hop? (ie noticeable scars, random disfigurements, etc... Think Saber's gorged stomach thing) Would be interesting to hear their causes and provide photos of the scar(s).

I have Asthma, amoungst other health issues which I attribute to spraying. Been cut a few times with razor wire. No super crazy scars though. Not yet at least.

• Ever privileged enough to try Pruno? If so describe the circumstance and taste.

I have done drank gallons of that sweet swine. Its only served at fine, confined, locations. You gotta be an upstanding member of the state. MEMBERS ONLY. It tastes like rotting fruit and rubbing alcohol, which ain't too far off of what it actually is. If you're lucky, it can make you feel like you took a lil acid as well.

• Any undisclosed secrets that your parents, guardian, group-home director, etc never discovered during your most reckless years?

Naw, I probably got caught for everything once.

• 5 random inspirational things...
Non Graffiti-related? (think Seafoam Green Isuzu Amigos, Jolly Rancher Soda, The Judds, etc)
My friends, my kid, places that are fucked up, weed, the Lakers

• Graffiti-related? (think OD Khaki, Haze's throwups, Tribe on Rock of LoveBus, etc)


• Ever been told you resemble anyone... famous or otherwise? If so who? Be honest.

Reyes said I look like a young Martin Scorsese.

• Most Courageous/Gnarliest spot you ever painted? Why? Visual evidence?

That spot in Seattle/ Bellevue was pretty gnarly. Been running for 13 years now. A train crossed the tressel when I was up there and I thought it was over. I did the front of a freeway sign in Boyle Heights on acid once. I was about 16-17. I wanted to do huge fills from as high as I could reach to my feet, but I only had stock caps, and I tried to fill in solid. I was up there for a minute. I was really tripping out and thought every car that passed was a Buick Regal with some cholo driver. And then I thought there was an earthquake. In retrospect the sign was probably just shaking from the 18 wheelers, but at the time it almost made me jump off. I think the spot ran a day.

• A prosthetic appendage a deal breaker on a super or even mildly hot bitch ?

I don't discriminate. No color lines.

• Any other professions you think you may have excelled at in life other than being a writer?


• Least favorite American city or neighborhood you've visited or spent time in and why?

Las Vegas. Man was not meant to populate the desert.

• Bike you're pushing most frequently these days?

Old Fuji touring bike with upright bars, and a big front basket and rear rack. Its kinda like a truck. I don't drive, so it's gotta be able to do everything. Get groceries, go painting, get me around. Its not too flashy, but its a good bike and I can lock it anywhere. Almost.

• What motivates you to write on stuff and what do you hope people remember about you 20 years from now?

Not sure the real reason I still write on shit. I like the way its looks and I like doing it, but obviously its more than that. Years of therapy have not lead to any answers. As for 20 years from now, I hope people remember what I've painted and hopefully its affected them. For better or worse. As well, I hope people remember for my contributions to the MSK crew.

• If you were conjoined to any one person in the world, past or present, who would it be? Take into account that person's looks, reputation, profession, image, etc.

Can I be joined to 2? I need a bodyguard and someone to holler at the ladies. So lets say Arnold and Keith Sweat.
*Arnold Sweat is the shit

• Favorite surface to spray graffiti on?

Metal. Duh.

• Ever fisted a bitch? Techniques, pointers?

Naw. Not sure I want to. Watched a lot online though.

• What are some potential tag name(s) that are still still floating around out there (at very least one) that have yet to be made famous?

I'm working on SWAJO. I doubt anyone has written it. It means; Smoking Weed And Jacking Off. Or SWAJOE, just add Everyday.

•Any bookmarked- "Go to" porn site(s) you care to put our readers up on?

Pornhub works for me. Its free.

• Being that I already know you're a Chevy man I think I know the answer, but I'll ask anyway... Which would you take?
A mauve convertible PT Cruiser w/ matching interior on 26" blades and a dream catcher in the rearview
A Tiffany green Chevy HHR with gullwing doors and fleshtone trucknuts on four dohnut tires?
If I HAD TO pick just one......maybe the PT? I guess I could just park it in front of my house and wait until someone stole it for the wheels. They'd most likely find their way to a local Crown Vic. So at least some good would come of it.

•Ever partake in a smash and grab?

Yup. I was a bad teen.

•Crazy Town or O Town?

Should I mention the AWR/ CrazyTown connection? Hard to choose, both very talented.

•Ok scenario... Chrysler takes a page out Scion's book and decides to aggressively market to the coveted urban youth demographic's sensibilities... blah, blah, blah they contact you exclusively and offer 50 stacks to paint a PT Cruiser live during pride week in the Castro. Their only stipulation is that you paint your name and must incorporate the full spectrum of the rainbow. 50K. Doin' it?

If I can dress like Bruno I'd do it for half price. HHEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

•For those not from the west coast could you clarify the difference between someone calling you their "Big Homie" as opposed to being called their "Little Homie"?

I dunno. I call my wiener, Lil Homie. Does that help?



Ian Japanther said...

Detroit is empty, cold and dangerous. New Orleans is run by the devil and is below sea level.

Jonas said...


Acme said...

Screw. One of the dopest writers. Period. A writer by the true definition of the word. I remember him and saber coming to the pad for something in DTLA and I had just seen a new msk name up(screw) with a huge throwie off the 10 frwy in L.A. So I asked, who's that?, thinking it was an out-of-towner. They just looked at each other, then me with a surprised look. Not a word was said...then we sat and smoked. Panic came over later and I told him,"guess who has another new name?" Where he took this name is incredible, especially after all he had previously done. Mos def one of the greatest American bombers. Cheers to you Screw, its been inspirational seeing your work all these years...Acme SH LOD

Unknown said...

Wow just came to a spot I haven't been to in awhile to bench, and there's a Skrew MSK mean streak tag on the old RR station along the mainline @ Valley Forge National Park off rt422 in Pa...- The Kodak Kidd ;)

Unknown said...

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