Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A year ago today... freshest shit ever.

In a move that could be right out of a Hollywood movie, a brazen crook apparently used a Craigslist ad to hire a dozen unsuspecting decoys to help him make his getaway following a robbery outside a bank on Tuesday. He then made his escape in an inner tube on the Skykomish River.

The robbery happened about 11 a.m. on an armored truck guard at a Bank of America branch.

"He was wearing a dust mask, a particle mask. At first I thought it might be a surgical mask. I still didn't think anything was wrong, just unusual. Then I noticed he had a pump sprayer," said Mitch Ruth, who had looked out his office window and noticed the man walking into the bank.

The robber sprayed the guard with pepper spray, grabbed a bag of money the guard was carrying and ran about 100 yards to the creek that runs into the Skykomish River, shedding clothes as he ran.

But apparently, the robber had planned ahead. In case anyone was hot on his trail, he had at least a dozen unsuspecting decoys waiting nearby, which he recruited on Craigslist.

"I came across the ad that was for a prevailing wage job for $28.50 an hour," said Mike, who saw a Craigslist ad last week looking for workers for a road maintenance project in Monroe.

He said he inquired and was e-mailed back with instructions to meet near the Bank of America in Monroe at 11 a.m. Tuesday. He also was told to wear certain work clothing.

"Yellow vest, safety goggles, a respirator mask… and, if possible, a blue shirt," he said.

Mike showed up along with about a dozen other men dressed like him, but there was no contractor and no road work to be done. He thought they had been stood up until he heard about the bank robbery and the suspect who wore the same attire.

From there, the cook made his watery escape in a creek that dumps out into the Skykomish River. One witness said the robber swam away, but another said he used an inner tube to get away.

"We did get an inner tube that was about 200 yards from the place where he entered the water and took that for evidence," said Debbie Willis, Monroe Police.

Investigators believe accomplices could have picked the robber up at a nearby boat launch or park.

The FBI is helping Monroe Police trace the ad and want to talk to anyone who responded.

"Any piece of information anyone has could be the piece of the puzzle we need to apprehend the suspects," said Debbie Willis, Monroe Police.

Some Monroe residents, while not endorsing what the robber did, are somewhat amused.

"Creative. Not a right way of doing it, but creative," said Monroe resident Byron Bevard.

"I grew up in LA and I never heard of anything so crazy in my life," said resident Sarah Vazquez.

The suspect is described as a white man in his 20s, between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-10, wearing a dark blue shirt, jean shorts and a mask.

In related news this was/is magical...

Rap Music Video

Last 30 seconds shook me to my core... Thnx Crook

More Dade county Rap Music Videos with hip hop innit

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Bitch you ride the Marta Bus

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Percentage of firearm ownership per state

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What MC stands for

New Year's Day 1969, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones initiates a series of letters to M.C.Escher because Jagger wanted to use an Escher piece on the jacket of a new LP, "Through The Past Darkly". Mick was one of MCE's biggest fans, but it seems the feeling was not mutual. As we know, Escher's musical taste was for classical music with an emphasis on J.S. Bach, whom Escher referred to as "Father Bach".

The following passage is from a 1974 Holland Herald

"The artist (Escher) claimed he didn't have time, let alone the inclination, to cooperate with anyone who addressed him as:

Dear Maurits,
For quite some time now I have had in my possession your book (Graphic Works Of..) and it never ceases to amaze me each time I study it! In fact I think your work is quite incredible and it would make me very happy for a lot more people to see and know and understand exactly what you are doing.

In March or April this year, we have scheduled our next LP record for release, and I am most eager to reproduce one of your works on the cover-sleeve. Would you please consider either designing a "picture" for it, or have you any unpublished works which you might think suitable -the "optical illusion" idea very much appeals to me, although one like "Evolution" would of course be equally as suitable. -and would say the same thing. You might even like to do a long one like "Metamorphosis" which we could then reproduce as a folding-out sleeve. It could be either in one colour or full colour, that would be up to you entirely.

Naturally, both you and your publishers would get full credits on the sleeve, and we could negotiate a fee on hearing of your decision to do it. I would be most grateful if you could contact Peter Swales or Miss Jo Bergman at the above address or telephone (reverse charge), and either will give you every necessary assistance. However, I am not so fortunate as to possess a Dutch interpreter, and so if you do not speak English or French, I would again be grateful if you could fix up somebody in Baarn to oblige.

Yours very sincerely,

Escher's reply left Baarn on January 20. It was addressed to Mr. Peter Swales and read:

Dear Sir,
Some days ago I received a letter from Mr. Jagger asking me to design a picture or to place at his disposal unpublished work to reproduce on the cover-sleeve for an LP record.

My answer to both questions must be no, as I want to devote all my time and attention to the many commitments I made; I cannot possibly accept any further assignments or spend any time on publicity.

By the way, please tell Mr. Jagger I am not Maurits to him, but
Very sincerely,
M. C. Escher.

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The National Parks

Looking forward to Ken Burns newest work which begins next week...

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Mac Retna Exhibition

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Rime/Jersey Joe Print available September 18, 2009

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Graf Albert

48 Million Views

Thanks T

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American Stonehenge

Kinda hokey, but entertaining nonetheless.

Denver Airport

Kinda hokey but entertaining nonetheless.

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Sad as all hell but thank christ good music still exists...

Shallah Raekwon

Trite already... Dre and Al killed these two in particular... Dilla too VVV


Awesome soundtrack bros XXtreeeme


With the anniversary of 9/11 right around the corner just wanted to take a second to throw a well deserved shout out to man-made explosions...

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Nothing wrong with this at all...


If you're in the city come through. Will be psyched if the turnout is anywhere near the west coast openings...

Con Vick

For all y'all in need of a new blouse... foreal might cop this though

Tempt One

SE2 EP4 - Eyewriter Tempt LA from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Prepare yourself to get a little choked up. This is beyond inspirational.

MC Scat Cat

Solo Ish

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Garbage Island

For years we've been reading about a patch of garbage the size of Texas floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, ingeniously dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Basically, any trash that gets dumped in the water rides the currents to this one spot and joins an ever-increasing flotilla of crap. For all the breathless accounts of the mess and its impact on the area's sealife, however, no one seemed to have a picture of the buildup.

In order to sate our own curiosity, VBS joined the crew of a research vessel studying the trash and sailed out into one of the most remote spots of open water in the world, the North Pacific Gyre, in search of this mythical garbage island. What we discovered once we got there was an ecological disaster beyond any of our expectations and possibly the single worst thing human beings have done to the planet and ourselves. Hope you're into cancer and sex-reversal!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009