Saturday, April 19, 2008

Skull & Sword

We'll be showing new works tonight at the NORM curated Skull & Sword show at Canvas LA (next door to Supreme on Fairfax). If you're in town be sure to come through...
Now Showing: April 19th - May 31st, 2008: Skull & Sword

Canvas Los Angeles is proud to showcase Skull & Sword, a highly anticipated group show that features new original works by an elite group of modern artists with roots in tattooing, graffiti, painting, and graphic design. Curated by San Francisco tattoo and graffiti artist NORM, this exhibit is a testament to the power and relevance of what many still deem "outsider art".

Whether in tattooing, graffiti writing, or fine art, Skull & Sword's artists are in the top echelon of their field. Admired by their peers and highly sought after by collectors, they are fearless innovators. Many are considered godfathers of their community, trailblazers who inspired countless up and comers. Others are relatively young, or under the radar. It is their vision and drive that sets this group of artists apart from the rest, and that brings them all together for this exhibit. Skull & Sword is about artists on a lifetime quest for excellence.

Presented by The Skull & Sword Family and The Seventh Letter.

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