Wednesday, January 28, 2009

King of the Skreet

Never scared to post some Donks... the "Cool Whip", "Skittles", and most notably the "Pringles" (sour cream and onion) whip as seen below...

So we weren't surprised when one of our biggest fans and most loyal readers just recently sent in the following clip of his whip. Anyways, in addition to the lovely footage he wanted to get some input from us (and our 7 to 9 readers) on what kinda prodo (that's production for the Docker's crowd) he should rock on his new kit. That's where you come in. We're now officially soliciting some real heads (you) for advice. So what'chu got out thurrr? Came up with some good ones ourselves! Imagine like a whole "Harvey Milk"/Castro in the 70's theme and shit, or what aboot like a gangstered-back "Judds" mural, or maybe even a David Duke prodo! Who knows... jus think about, I mean, yeah maybe all of those are probably taken, but you get the drift. The boy need's help.

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