Sunday, March 22, 2009

Naming Rights

In the full speed version of this clip mi Amigo is only going 11 mph.
Still in our top five though. Right up there with the Pontiac Aztec, Ford Festiva, AMC Matador, and for our European audience the Mazda Laputa, whose translation in it's native Spain is literally "The Whore". If anyone else can think of a better way to transcend the deeply rooted values of the Hispanic community and its rich and vibrant history than by crowning inferior shit buckets with Latin inspired alias' then we'de like to hear it.
Mazda Laputa aka The Whore, and a fine DD free one at that!Ford Festiva- beautiful American craftsmanship... peep this onePontiac Aztec aka Chapter 8AMC Matador... The wagons were even fresher... great for careening
Isuzu Amigo... This teal's hot but the Seafoam Jumpoff was and will remain the jam. On a side note this was also the pace car for Freaknik '93

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Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Just a few thoughts here:
First, the 'Laputa' is indeed an unfortunate name however I guess it's better then 'El Maricon'.
Second, I'd just like to say that that blaze yellow Pontiac Aztek is the finest piece of engineering the world has ever seen.
And lastly, -You left out the Ford 'Rolling Crematorium' Pinto, noutorious for burning passengers alive after exploding in read-end collisions.